Fund administrators, Investment managers and Custodians

Fund administrators are companies who provide administrative services to retirement funds.

Investment managers are professionals usually appointed by retirement funds to invest in various securies (shares bonds, property, etc ) in order to meet specified investment goals for the benefits of members and their beneficiaries.

Custodians are specialised financial institutions responsible for safeguarding financial assets on behalf of their clients.

  • To hold in safe keeping assets / securities such as shares, bonds, commodities such as precious metals and currency.
  • To arrange settlement of any purchases sales and deliveries in/out of such securities and currency.

These entities must adhere to the requirements of sections 18, 19 and 66 of the Retirement Funds Act, 2005 together with Regulation 11 of the Retirement Funds Regulations, 2008.

1. Registration requirements


2. Regulatory forms – for registration