About Us


The Authority’s mandate is to:

  • Administer all financial services laws in Swaziland
  • License, regulate, monitor and supervise the conduct of the business of financial services providers
  • Carry out investigations and take measures to suppress illegal, dishonest and improper practices in the financial services sector
  • Make rules, issue guidelines for the conduct of business of financial services providers
  • Carry out research and disseminate information in the field of financial services
  • Promote public understanding of the financial system – including awareness of the benefits and risks associated with the different kinds of investments
  • Take measures for the better protection of stakeholders
  • Collect, compile, publish and disseminate statistics in respect of financial services providers
  • Share both public and non-public information with domestic and foreign counterparts
  • Advise the Minister on any matter relating to the financial services sector
  • Exercise and perform such other powers, authorities and duties as may be conferred or imposed upon it by or under the Act or any other Act, and
  • Do all such other acts as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Authority


The principal objects of the Authority is to foster through the regulation and prudential supervision of financial services providers

  • The stability of the Swaziland financial system
  • The safety and soundness of financial services providers
  • The highest standards of conduct of business by financial services providers
  • The promotion of fair competition between different financial service providers for the benefit of stakeholders
  • The fairness, efficiency and orderliness of the Swaziland non-bank financial sector, and
  • The protection of stakeholders


“To be the leading financial services regulatory authority in the SADC region adhering to international best practice whilst contributing towards stakeholder confidence and economic growth in Swaziland.


The Authority’s mission is to regulate, supervise the activities of all non-bank financial services providers in Swaziland in terms of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority Act, 2010